One day, while rocking by the fire

in the dimly lit room
I saw my mother
a quick subtle glance
and she was there
a magical moment 
when my reflection was not me
a transformation
an overlapping
I saw her face staring back at me in the mirror
my breath stopped
the moment etched in my mind forever
I saw a young woman
with hopes, dreams, and love
I saw many aspirations
I saw beauty

I felt the innocence

The desire to be

I felt the fear of not being enough

I felt the call
the embrace, her cry
her life spilling into mine
her treasures her gifts I so greatly adore
to look through her eyes the world is rosy
I have adopted the glasses
I gladly embrace the whole of me. 


  1. What Beautiful inspiring words, Sariah. You have such an amazing writing talent. You are so Awesome.

  2. I love you dearly my Wonderful Daughter!

    1. Thank you Mom glad you got to read it! Love you!!!


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