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Tiff Having a little tiff, an experience of discomfort and friction. Immediately I check in and try to think of this event as a catalyst to my own personal growth. I play a game with my self and imagine my heart staying open no matter what. I see the event as a thing and place that thing in my open chest letting my heart process the thing as I sit quietly and allow the remnants flow through my cells and evaporate off my skin.
Some times I get stuck, I repeat the scenario over and over until I can catch my obsessive monkey mind and change my thoughts.
Some times I have to play the “what if” game. I imagine all the millions of other possible scenarios that could have been me. This world is truly a magnificent mystery. With so many thrilling stories and happenings. I could have been born on another continent, or another gender, I could have been disabled, deaf, blind. My birth parents could of abandoned me or beat me. I could have been indoctrinated into a satanic cult that sacrificed …

Lost in the woods

A few days ago my son went missing. He was lost in the mountain forest. He had been hunting since 6am that morning. This hunt was originally just going to be the morning but as it was coming close to the seasons end he decided to stay and hunt on his own. His ride was just going to come back and pick him up in the evening, 6pm is when it gets dark. They had arranged to bring supplies to that same location so Hunter could at least have food and water. He never found his supplies. He was hiking around all day scouting the elk by himself. Normally this isn’t a problem Hunter has spent many hours in the woods and is very competent at finding his way, but not today. I believe the combination of hiking all day with out water or food and no other survival supplies, took hunter for a surprise delirium. He was dehydrated and delirious and got completely turned around. He missed his pick up, at that time and he was able to communicate with the driver via text. He showed his gps location…

Magic ingredient

The magic ingredient You There is so much going on at any one moment. We are all so conditioned to stay busy, productive, useful. Rushing from place to place, event to event, moment to moment. It all seems crazy and pointless until there is that one thing that happens that takes our breath away. That one happening, for some reason feels bigger than all the rest. The one glimpse into our true selves and that feeling of wholeness and connection. It could be anything, it could happen at any moment it could be as simple as a kiss or a beautiful landscape. What is it that makes that one moment so different from the billions of other moments? You. The real you the one that is divine and always connected the one that is all powerful and brilliant. The moment you step into the picture at the same time as the present moment the two intertwine and magic happens. You are the missing ingredient. Its possible to be completely in the present moment enjoying what it is offering. It is possible to c…


Butterfly women

Shifting perspective

I have felt Good for many days now.  This is a fantastic discovery for me, this means that all this awareness on focusing thoughts is working. I have deliberately started each day with taking time to feel gratitude. Amazingly enough by taking a few moments to recognize all the things that are going well and right in my life more things go well and right. I’ve been noticing that as this practice continues there’s a beautiful momentum building, moving me in the direction of all that I want to experience. I’ve noticed a sweet connection to others and a willingness to collaborate. I’ve noticed many inspired thoughts flowing through me as well as many moments of sheer delight. I’ve noticed my mind catching itself when negative thoughts creep in and shifting almost immediately to something else. I’ve noticed heightened energy and a desire to play. I’ve noticed a deep appreciation for my quiet moments as well as when I’m in the company of others.