Butterfly women

Calling all butterflies all you beautiful beings who have spent your years slithering on your bellies, inching around in your silly uncomfortable bodies. Fearing the predators who are in search of a tasty meal. It is time to transform. It is time to wrap your flesh with the outer shell of experience and allow for the growth to permeate your cells. You have done the work of being a grubby little creature now for the nourishment of your innermost self. Sleep and dream of freedom and flying. Dream of beauty and possibility. Your body will begin to feel the tightness of this protective skin. You will begin to shift and move and beat up against your outer layer. Do not be afraid for it will feel as if you are dying, and you are. The wormy self is dying to the wings that are growing. You will thrash and cry and push and expand. You are meant to struggle to build the strength it takes to rip open the outer containment. Hit those walls and rejoice for those brutal slams are making you strong. Crash into the barriers with a knowing that at some point those limiting restraints will fall away. The walls come crumbling down as your new magnificent wings spread. You cannot go back you can only go through. As you emerge into this new world of wonder your beauty will be glorious. You are meant to fly, freedom cannot be contained.


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