Shifting perspective

I have felt Good for many days now. 
This is a fantastic discovery for me, this means that all this awareness on focusing thoughts is working. I have deliberately started each day with taking time to feel gratitude.  Amazingly enough by taking a few moments to recognize all the things that are going well and right in my life more things go well and right. I’ve been noticing that as this practice continues there’s a beautiful momentum building, moving me in the direction of all that I want to experience. I’ve noticed a sweet connection to others and a willingness to collaborate. I’ve noticed many inspired thoughts flowing through me as well as many moments of sheer delight. I’ve noticed my mind catching itself when negative thoughts creep in and shifting almost immediately to something else. I’ve noticed heightened energy and a desire to play. I’ve noticed a deep appreciation for my quiet moments as well as when I’m in the company of others.

This shift is something I’ve wanted for many years but never really knew how to access it. It is so simple, focusing on what I want and not giving energy or thought to the things I don’t want. That’s it.  


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