Lost in the woods

A few days ago my son went missing. He was lost in the mountain forest. He had been hunting since 6am that morning. This hunt was originally just going to be the morning but as it was coming close to the seasons end he decided to stay and hunt on his own. His ride was just going to come back and pick him up in the evening, 6pm is when it gets dark. They had arranged to bring supplies to that same location so Hunter could at least have food and water. He never found his supplies. He was hiking around all day scouting the elk by himself. Normally this isn’t a problem Hunter has spent many hours in the woods and is very competent at finding his way, but not today. I believe the combination of hiking all day with out water or food and no other survival supplies, took hunter for a surprise delirium. He was dehydrated and delirious and got completely turned around.
He missed his pick up, at that time and he was able to communicate with the driver via text. He showed his gps location, which told the driver he was going the wrong direction completely. The driver told him right before Hunters phone died, head south follow the moon. Then nothing. Hunter was now in the woods alone with out a flashlight, phone, water, food, and the temperature was dropping rapidly.
This is at the time I found out he was lost. I had come home with pizza for the family it was close to 8pm. My husband informed me of the situation, and headed out to go find him.
I quietly retreated to my room, going into a meditation, finding my center. I felt like the best thing I could do in the moment was to keep my energy high and send positive thoughts to my confused son. As I quieted down I imagined I could communicate with my son I saw him walking through the woods and finding his way. I imagined him being perfectly safe and protected. I saw a bubble of light surrounding my son. I said to him in my mind over and over “ Hunter you can do this, Follow your heart it will show you the way”
Mean while in Hunters dehydrated state he was stumbling and moving in the dark he had passed out and slid down a rock face loosing some of his hunting gear. He said he heard gunshots and came too. He started moving in the direction of the sound and after some time saw a fire. He knew the people at the fire would have water. It turns out the gun shots were my husband and our family friend Paul (the driver) they were waiting in the dark by the fire for Hunter to find his way to them.
6 hours later my son was safe, cold and dehydrated hungry and tired but safe.
I had posted a plea for prayers on Facebook and several people immediately thought of Hunters safe return.
I had also contacted Search and rescue; they were on the trailhead when we got the call that Hunter was safe. Fourteen volunteers were ready to comb the woods in the cold night for my son.
I am truly amazed at the outpouring of love and help.

The next morning we were all talking about the experience, what it was like for him what he learned etc.
I told him how I tried to communicate with him and that I was telling him to listen to his heart. He said to me “that’s really weird, while I was hiking in the dark I kept telling myself just listen to your heart it will show you the way”

Amazing confirmation that we are all connected we just have to listen quietly to our heart and we will find the way.


  1. I am so glad to read your story about Hunter's experience. I missed your facebook plea for prayers. I didn't know he was lost. I wasn't sure what had happened or when. Thank you for this beautiful writing. It had me in tears. Hunter is so blessed to have you and Darren for his parents. I love you all so much.


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