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back to the nothing

Whats in the middle of the onion when you peel it? Nothing! Whats in the middle of each of us when you get deep enough? Nothing! This Nothing is the empty void we all emerge from, it is what we all go back to and it is inevitable. However we are in the time of the onion peeling so peel away.
Each layer of this delicate skin represents a question or issue we enjoy playing with, my layer was about worth and value and the measure of success.

I asked around for others to answer taking a pole of opinion, this is what I got.
What makes a person valuable? The answers are all over the board. Mostly what people agreed on was that value can only come from the person. Each individual must determine his or her own value. The way to knowing this is through self worth the way to self worth is through loving the self. The way to love the self is through acceptance and looking inward for appreciation and acknowledgement.
What is the measure of success? There were many answers and most were the sa…

Coffee and Burlesque

At one point in my life, (during a landmark education course) I stood up and said out loud, “I want to stop drinking coffee because I know it was so bad for me and I’m totally addicted” I felt shame for my statement probably because I was raised Mormon and coffee is against the rules.  My coach was sipping his coffee while I spoke and almost spit it at the audience. There were maybe 150 people in the crowd. He basically laughed at my statement then said Its not my addiction to caffeine that I need to change its my passion. I need to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I am looking to be lit on fire with desire and excitement. I am craving vitality and drive. My excuses are what are weighing me down and making my mind feel lethargic. My reasons for not living an inspired life are keeping me in bed and Coffee has nothing to do with it. He challenged me to get really big. To live a life that others can see for miles away because it’s so bright. He challenged me to take on pro…

Be the change

The best thing you can do for the world is live an extraordinary life. Live a life full of love and inspiration and joy.
What filter are you looking through? When you wake up in the morning are you excited for a new wonderful day of opportunity or are you dreading getting out of bed. Do you see the amazing potential in each new morning, is there gratitude for another day of living or is it a painful experience flooded with regret and dread for all that you worry about. Paying attention to the subtle feelings coursing through your system will be an indicator of what it is you are allowing in your thoughts. Thoughts that are kind, peaceful, loving, generous will create a world of sweet peace, an experience of love and generosity. What you focus on directly creates your experience. Bringing yourself back to the knowing that you are so much more than your body or your circumstance. This life is temporary and you are going to die. Eventually all of the things that consume you will be g…