Be the change

The best thing you can do for the world is live an extraordinary life.
Live a life full of love and inspiration and joy.

What filter are you looking through? When you wake up in the morning are you excited for a new wonderful day of opportunity or are you dreading getting out of bed. Do you see the amazing potential in each new morning, is there gratitude for another day of living or is it a painful experience flooded with regret and dread for all that you worry about.
Paying attention to the subtle feelings coursing through your system will be an indicator of what it is you are allowing in your thoughts. Thoughts that are kind, peaceful, loving, generous will create a world of sweet peace, an experience of love and generosity. What you focus on directly creates your experience. Bringing yourself back to the knowing that you are so much more than your body or your circumstance.
This life is temporary and you are going to die. Eventually all of the things that consume you will be gone. These things will return to dust, the people, places, events will all be gone.
The magic happens when you decide that the only day that exists is today the only time is now everything else is a product of your mind and thoughts. Living Now, feeling now, being now, is a choice we all have.

I was inspired by a conversation last night, one bringing my awareness to all the pain and suffering in the world. What I realized is that no amount of feeling bad or sorry for all the wrong in the world will make it right. What will make things right is to turn these concerns of injustice and chaos directly inward. When there is a complaint of injustice I need to look directly inside of my life and see how this applies. How I can make a difference now in my world? How can I directly alleviate the pain and suffering in my world.
This is just a choice of what I choose to focus on. Being in a place of love and peace will directly effect my children my husband my friends the people I interact with in each moment.
This is a pebble in the pond, the ripples of my choices will move outward to all those around me. Is my pebble a positive force or am I adding to all the hate and contention that already exists?
I choose love, I choose to see beauty, I choose to be kind to those around me. I choose to see fun and inspiration everywhere. I choose to use the wisdom within my soul.
 Does any of this actually matter? No.

We all end up in the same place when it’s over anyway. But what I understand is if I choose to be connected and in a place of caring then my entire experience of living will also be this.  I have no need to make others wrong for the choices they live I only have to Be the change I wish to experience.


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