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Superlove Superdome

Superdome Super Love Memory 2008 I was invited to teach yoga in the superdome. At that point I had been teaching for almost a decade and was honored and excited to be one on the many teachers invited. Eve Ensler the creator of the Vagina Monologues had wanted to turn the Super dome into a super love event in honor of her monologue productions 10 year anniversary. She chose the superdome because of the tragic events that occurred there during the Hurricane Katrina. The intention was to invite all those who survived the horrific catastrophe and bring them in for a new experience of love and nurturing. The wellness suites were filled with massage therapists and yoga teachers, aromatherapy, meditation and beauticians. The superdome was turned into a giant pink vagina. We got to be inside the walls, sharing love with all those who entered. My experience was profound. As these women came to me to learn yoga I felt like they were teaching me, they each brought tremendous strength with them…

Breathe dear one

I found this piece scribbled in my journal, I wrote it the middle of the night after I had been struggling with life issues and asked for help and guidance.  The hand writing was surprisingly clear and different from my own.

~ Breathe dear one know you are divine breathe dear sweet tender soul and feel the universe in your cells breathe and let the corners of your lips turn up for life is to be lived, cherished, experienced there is nothing you could do to loose favor with source so be now in this moment now in your skin now in your experience now in your heart breathe and know you are apart of all creation, all of life and when this ends there will be more  worry not of things to come but create beauty every step of the way be joy  be love  be light in time we all will turn in our fleshy bodies in this life we all will die what is will not always be and being while you’re a being is what you need to focus on.
Being while I am a being Play while I can play Create while I can create

Magic on Maui

A magical morning

On a recent vacation to the island of Maui My daughters and I were getting ready for bed. I wanted to set up the coffee so that I could just push a button in the morning with out disturbing my girls, since they were sleeping on the pullout couch in the tiny space. I had been waking up early, sitting on the deck, sipping my coffee and writing each morning. This morning was magical at 5am on the dot, the coffee pot started to brew. I was amazed because I did not set the clock or program it to brew at 5.I immediately jumped out of bed to see who was making me coffee. The kitchen was dark but I could see the light on the coffee pot blinking 12:00, my daughters were sound asleep.The very next though was puzzling but intriguing, I thought Wayne Dyer. For those of you who know me you also know I am a big fan of this recently deceased Author. His books have been so inspiring to me over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his personal assistant and co-author of hi…


FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real
For as many years as I can remember I have had a re-occuring nightmare of ocean waves rising so high they take over the building I am in and kill everyone.The building changes in my dream but the ocean is always so fierce and powerful that it takes the lives of everyone in my dream. In my waking world I have not had a negative experience with the ocean and am sure this is because I keep a distance. Something changed. My last experience with the ocean and my fear just recently happened in Maui Hawaii on a family vacation.
I love standup paddle boarding, I’ve been playing on my board in our lakes during the summer. I feel very confident in my abilities and have been practicing yoga and balancing. I truly enjoy paddling around on the water. In Hawaii a surfer friend of ours, brought us a variety of boards to play on, one was a stand up paddle board. The beach we were at had two breaks and there were several surfers already out ready to catch the wa…