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cleaning the mind

Clearing the clutter What gets in the way of being present? All the cobwebs of thought and belief. All the thought we carry around about what’s right and what’s wrong and how things are and how they should be. Time to let go and clear the space of old mess. Time to open up for what’s Now. The wisdom of the ages is lovely and easy to get wrapped up in but it is just clutter. It fills the space. The space must be open and empty. Empty from opinion Empty from belief Open to possibility Open to presence Open to bliss The term ignorance is bliss rings true for me. For if we could be ignorant to the mishaps to the wrong doings to the injustice to the pain and sadness, we can cultivate a Empty space of Now. What’s now?

conversations in the night

The part of me that loves chaos also loves the edge also loves obstacles and challenges. She says here take my picture I’m going to perform something I’ve never done before. She is the ferocious competitor who finishes first. She is the one climbing to the top of the rope with no legs . She is the one who does the exact opposite of the other people just because she wants to prove it can be done. Last night I woke at 3:33 in full blown conversation with one of my all time favorite Philosophers. I had to write…
Alan: There is no right way or wrong way there is simply the way you are doing it right now The light and the dark must exist at the same time, with out the other neither will exist. Chaos and structure are both necessary and both right.The only difference is the sensors we use when trying to interpret each structure. Structure is easier to notice and we use our eyes that are made to see in the light. Chaos is a little messier and requires the use of our touch or feeling. We must bu…

yoga teacher training

There are no original thoughts everything we think and have ever thought is a recycled flow of all the humans that have lived and will ever live. We simply keep retelling the same thoughts in our own way as to understand and remember the universal truths. When something resonates with you it is true for you. Universal truths have a way of cycling around and around again until we get it.  
First and fore most You are the expert of your own body. By teaching your self to be still and quiet you can develop a system of observing the body and all of its intelligence. Your body knows. It is you that gets in the way. It is my intention that through this course you will develop a simple way of connecting to all that “is” in your body and allow your expertise to shine through.
What you say is real and true. We all create our own realities through the thoughts we think and the words we say. What you say is true for you. By knowing this you will learn to monitor your thoughts and words realizing t…