cleaning the mind

Clearing the clutter
What gets in the way of being present?
All the cobwebs of thought and belief.
All the thought we carry around about what’s right and what’s wrong and how things are and how they should be. Time to let go and clear the space of old mess. Time to open up for what’s Now.
The wisdom of the ages is lovely and easy to get wrapped up in but it is just clutter. It fills the space. The space must be open and empty.
Empty from opinion
Empty from belief
Open to possibility
Open to presence
Open to bliss
The term ignorance is bliss rings true for me. For if we could be ignorant to the mishaps to the wrong doings to the injustice to the pain and sadness, we can cultivate a Empty space of Now. What’s now?

 Clearing, cleaning, whipping out the regrets and ill feelings wiping out the interpretations. Wiping out the messy tangled webs of belief. Just being in innocence of the moment Being and experiencing the true nature of Bliss.


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