The Answer to the Universe

I woke up this morning and realized something spectacular. 
The love I’m waiting for is me. 
I remember hearing this years ago and at that point it had an impact however, as all things come and go, I completely forgot. 
I’ve been wandering around this planet looking for my love, looking for my passion, looking for my purpose, and going to bed at night feeling empty, dissatisfied, sad. 
Something shifted and this morning feels different.
 I feel excited! 
I feel alive! 
I feel like singing to the world what a beautiful amazing day it is.
 I remembered. 
How completely simple and profound. I wish this feeling on everyone. To love~ 
The next part of this equation is the most important. 
The Love I wish to experience can only come from the love I give. 
The love I express wholeheartedly unconditionally is mine to keep. 
The expression of Being Love, allows me to completely dive into my purpose my passion my gifts. 

I write this in first person because I can only speak for my self but I have a sneaky suspicion that we are all here to experience the fullness of love. 
So for today if we all commit to sharing wholeheartedly, to giving our unconditional love then this world will be kind today. This world will be a beautiful place of connection and sweetness. 

will you express?


  1. Sariah this is profound! You have such sweet insight. Thanks for sharing and helping all of us have an opportunity to add more good to the world. Sending lots of love your way. <3


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