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Feel it

It's not enough to to just say it  or think it  but to feel it will cause more of it Feeling my physical body aligning with my emotional body aligning with my deepest intention  The world becomes a magical place of manifestation  As I sit on my sisters couch I feel tremendous gratitude for my family  My mother and her struggles my father and his disconnect My brothers and their Intelligence  my sisters and their caring  I feel how this flow of life keeps moving all of us forward to new horizons new wonderful experiences  Weaving my desires into my daily experience just for the sake of it  Just for the fun of it Then challenging my thoughts -feelings to what is possible  The imaginations are infinite

New Story

Looking at life through eyes of creation The things I focus on become my reality The vibration I am living at brings like into my life When I feel good there is more good to feel When I feel bad there is also more bad to feel Keeping my thoughts kind and happy cause my world to express itself as kind and happy.

The Veil

The veil was thin. Like looking out of a massive window, draperies pulled back with only a sheer window curtain to see though. The view was spectacular and slightly out of focus. Seeing was only a small part but feeling was where the true "other" world resides. Standing in the middle of nature experiencing all of it at once was so overwhelming and so delightful. I felt as if this little part of the world was created just for me and my exact experience. The birds were singing to me, they felt my appreciation and gratitude for their music. The plants grew for my pleasure, they felt me and loved me for loving and admiring them. The wind blew around me as a way of greeting me and welcoming me into this new day. My eyes were picking up such vibrant colors I had to close them. What I sensed was a miraculous word, one that is exactly the same as our world only more intensified and communicative. As I stood quietly in my yard absorbing this magic I simply wanted to stay put. To do …