The Veil

The veil was thin. Like looking out of a massive window, draperies pulled back with only a sheer window curtain to see though.
The view was spectacular and slightly out of focus. Seeing was only a small part but feeling was where the true "other" world resides. Standing in the middle of nature experiencing all of it at once was so overwhelming and so delightful. I felt as if this little part of the world was created just for me and my exact experience. The birds were singing to me, they felt my appreciation and gratitude for their music. The plants grew for my pleasure, they felt me and loved me for loving and admiring them. The wind blew around me as a way of greeting me and welcoming me into this new day. My eyes were picking up such vibrant colors I had to close them. What I sensed was a miraculous word, one that is exactly the same as our world only more intensified and communicative. As I stood quietly in my yard absorbing this magic I simply wanted to stay put. To do nothing but witness the glory, I could of stood there all day with tears and tingles. It made sense to me why we have a veil. Why we have chosen not to see clearly. If we could see who and what we really are and the true world around us we wouldn’t be able to function. Our lives would be of just watching in amazement with no desire to do anything. We would all just sit around staring at each-other with out talking or eating or working but just admiring the true beauty of all of it. We wouldn’t be able to experience the darkness and heaviness of playing separate.

After a few hours the world was back to its opaque norm and I was back to my shallow self, but the memory lingers of what is possible and inevitable some day.


  1. Oh Sariah, how beautiful your thoughts and observations! I could "feel" your words of Appreciation, Admiration, Gratitude, Glory, Amazement, and Loving tears. Also, what a unique understanding you express about going back to the darkness and heaviness of playing separate. When I fell in my garden at 5:30 AM on a quiet, sleepy Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get myself up. I didn't have my phone and the neighborhood was asleep. I simply sat there enjoying the sweetness of nature for a few minutes. No broken bones, just nothing to grasp onto. (I can't roll over onto my knees. They can't take any pressure.) The birds' songs, the beautiful plants and flowers, and the sunrise all kept me company. I already had a sprained wrist from pushing the lawn mower of all things! Thankfully I had put on a wrap with a strong support built in. After a few tears and resting and assessing my owies, I figured out my choices. I knew a neighbor would be walking by, --just before 8 AM. Do I want to wait for help? Or can I do something myself? From my sitting position (facing west with my legs outstretched) I was able to lift myself, with my two arms straightened, and scoot backwards about 5 inches at a time, resting my sprained wrist before moving again. It took me until 6:15 to get to my front porch where I could grab the side railing and pull myself up. It was such a quiet, peaceful, and "humbling" journey back to the front door of the house. My first experience like that in my lifetime.

    1. wow mom what a humbling experience. I'm sorry that there wasn't anyone to help and I'm grateful that you were eventually able to work it out. I think the point is that even when you are down it there is still beauty available if your willing to see it. the sunrise and birds where cheering you on knowing that you could do it. I love you


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