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passing the baton

I eagerly sit in my clean house, candles lit, music soft. Skin still a little wet, my bathrobe cozy, hair pulled up in a messy bun. In 10 minutes Im expecting my first in home Massage, the therapist is a young girl who recently finished her massage school. I know she cant ask for money but Im planning on paying her anyway. I have to giggle as i feel life moving on, 10 years ago I was that young girl ambitiously seeking out clients, traveling all over town doing the work. Setting up my table, making sure my hands were warm, making small talk about body issues. I remember feeling excited and nervous at what i might encounter. I loved doing the work and knowing they were going to receive the "best massage on the planet". I never thought to imagine what might be running through their minds. Coming from a completely different side of this story i feel my life completing its circles Now being the receiver, i am the person who gets to be grateful for the hard work and claim to h…

lessons from a pig

Training Lions. Pumba our baby wild hog has opened a door for me, a life lesson. We adopted a 10 lb sharp tooth wiry red haired, Boar from a friend who kills them for a living. I of course fell head over heels in love. He is smelly and squeals, bites and flips when I try to walk him. Any person in their right mind would say of course he does and why on earth would you try to walk a pig?? Well this it the door I am talking about. For the past 7 months I’ve been working with a counselor and looking at my marriage to Darren. It has been an intense journey, where I end up questioning my basic beliefs and motivations to think what I think and do what I do. Many daily activities trigger questions. My question with Pumba came as I was holding the little stinky pig, wrapped in a towel, on the couch with the whole family watchinga movie. It was obvious, “what in the hell am I doing?” Why would I need to change a pig, (a wild boar) transform him into a house pet I can cuddle??? The answer, I lov…