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love poetry

I love, love- As time passes and children grow Season’s change, people come and go One thing remains constant in this ever- shifting life Love There is nothing new to be thought nothing new to be done. Our lives are so ordinarily simple we are the same as everyone The purpose in question is what is the point of it all Where does my silly little story fall Love When we are finished in this world When our songs have been sung We will learn to love in the moment for it never again will come Love will be ours to keep The quiet memories fulfill what we seek We will love That is all there is love

Bumping up against Barriers


Stop struggling~ relationships

Stop struggling~ my marriage
Thinking about my struggles to be a better person and realizing the more I struggle the more I have to struggle. I’ve been watching my words. Watching the stories I tell about my life. One of those stories has been that my marriage has been a struggle. I have issues with being understood and accepted, I complain about how hard it is to get along and have fun together. I talk about how different we are and how our interests are completely opposite.  I joke about marrying for contrast. Paying attention to these little stories I talk about has been incredibly enlightening. I didn’t realize that all this time I’ve been creating a marriage of struggle. I only just now realized that it doesn’t have to be a struggle. My marriage can be anything I choose. If I change the way I look at it and look for all the positive aspects that are already present, then I will be creating a more fulfilling beautiful relationship with the man I already love. I choose to see …

stop struggling My body

My body There was a time when I hated my body. It was right after I had all four babies and my youngest was about a year old. I remember being so mean and critical every time I would look at my self. I was mad at how having children took its toll, it stretched my skin and my breasts were sad and deflated. I would work out every day and eat right but nothing seemed to make a difference. I struggled with my obsession. I struggled with self pity and hatred. I remember being disgusted. Then one day something shifted. I realized that I would never treat any one with such rudeness. I would never be so unkind then why was I treating myself this way. I sat alone in the bathroom staring into my eyes and looking for something. Looking for acceptance, looking for love. I decided that night to stop with all the negative comments and started looking for things I can love about my self. I made a bath, lit some candles and created a little ceremony of gratitude. I touched every part of my tired b…

stop struggling~money

Stop struggling Money There was a time in my life where the struggle for money was very real. It was in fact something that crossed my thoughts daily. My day would start out worrying about how much money we had and how in the world were we going to be able to pay our bills and buy groceries for our four little ones. There were many days where I would cry about the lack of money and the feelings of working so hard to find money. At that time I was teaching yoga and doing massage and trying to raise little kiddos. My husband would work everyday and still there was just barely enough to get by. I remember the feelings of being sad and depressed over this struggle.  One day something shifted. I took a drive to the ocean by my self crying and screaming at god and the universe complaining about my struggles, feeling very sorry for my self and my situation. As I lay on the empty beach at dusk something dawned on me. The way I was fighting every day to survive. My stories about my struggle, …