Bumping up against Barriers

At first it feels disheartening, challenging and somewhat scary. Then I realize that it is up to me to stay open and feel my way through this new challenge that has presented itself. A part of me wants to shut down and give up and there have been many days when this is exactly what I did but not today. Today I feel strong. Today I feel connected. Today I know that I am here to expand who I am and feel the greatness that is already present inside of me. I breathe and feel the emotion. I keep my heart open and let it filter my experience. I shed a few tears and start to notice my body relaxing, I feel the emotion flow through me and exit. Leaving behind a new awareness. Leaving behind a new confidence. It is ok to bump up against barriers. I feel the support of the Universe, knowing that I am here to be in the middle of new and challenging scenarios so that I may learn who I really am and what I am truly made of. 
Om Shanti~


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