stop struggling My body

My body
There was a time when I hated my body. It was right after I had all four babies and my youngest was about a year old. I remember being so mean and critical every time I would look at my self. I was mad at how having children took its toll, it stretched my skin and my breasts were sad and deflated. I would work out every day and eat right but nothing seemed to make a difference. I struggled with my obsession. I struggled with self pity and hatred.
I remember being disgusted.
Then one day something shifted. I realized that I would never treat any one with such rudeness. I would never be so unkind then why was I treating myself this way.
I sat alone in the bathroom staring into my eyes and looking for something. Looking for acceptance, looking for love. I decided that night to stop with all the negative comments and started looking for things I can love about my self. I made a bath, lit some candles and created a little ceremony of gratitude. I touched every part of my tired body and thanked it for what it has given me. I thanked my skin, my bones, my muscles, and organs. I offered love and gratitude for every part of the body I was in. I made this loving practice a daily affair. I offered loving thought every time I looked in the mirror and little by little I began to believe the words and little by little by body shifted. It grew stronger and leaner my breasts came back and my belly shrunk.
Today I still practice every morning I thank my body for the sweet night of rest and for the ability to take me into a new day. I can honestly say what I see now in the mirror is pure perfection,

pure acceptance and love.  


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