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surrender 2015

Surrenderto agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., : to give the control or use of (something) to someone else.
Surrender is the intersection between acceptance and change
I am in a place where I realize that I need guidance. My ego wants to bail on my life and my heart knows I must stay. I ask my self “what am I doing?” constantly and the only answer I have is be patient, surrender. This word “surrender” has been showing itself to me over and over so I decided to look into it. What does it actually mean to surrender? Not just surrender to another’s will but to the divine. Surrender to the universe to my higher power. What does this actually feel like? So far what I have found is by simply stating my intention out loud by asking for assistance and allowing for inspiration and insight, I immediately feel my body relax. Allowing for guidance is also allowing my muscles to soften my mind to feel clear and I have a sweet sense that everything will be ok. I believe this feeling Is T…

water poetry

Body sinking in the warmth of this hot pool my heart rises as I review the tides of life- moving with a current of love and satisfaction- this moment is perfect - exhausted from the day and yet enlivened by it's flow - I close my eyes and let the water take me where it will - I surrender completely to this life and find so much joy in letting go- I've become fluid and take in the sensations of pain and pleasure realizing they are one and the same- pain brings my acute attention to the moment and pleasure is the delicious reward- knowing all things are temporary delicate fragile -i find heaven on earth