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Yoga Alchemy

Yoga Alchemy Why did I go and what did I get? Originally I decided to go on this yoga retreat because I was feeling like I would like to learn from great teachers. I wanted to take some time for my self and do something different, to have a little adventure in the middle of my very ordinary life. I love the unknown and the feelings that come with planning for something completely out of the ordinary. Knowing one of the facilitators I felt that this journey would be safe enough. If he’s gone there before I should be fine. The Space looked gorgeous on the website and apparently has hosted many other retreat groups before. When I purchased the retreat I didn’t tell my husband for the fear of his reaction to my being frivolous and selfish, of course these were my own hang-ups. When I finally told him about my trip he was very supportive. He said, “ you’re a grown ass woman, you can do what ever you want.” As I was traveling my audio book of choice was Joseph Campbell, Hero with a Thousa…

Oh Guatemala

Oh  Guatemala 
Sitting on the deck over looking the Lago Atitlan early morning fog lifting from the water as the Suns rays filter in. The water calm and glassy a solitary boat moves silently through the mist. Yoga in the lotus Temple. Waking up into my body. Arriving in my skin. Breathing through my cells. Honoring all that have come before me and all those yet to come. I am in total gratitude for this very moment. This very moment. 
Coming to this place was series of events and decisions mostly synchronistic  in nature and it all started with my damn shoulder.  Months ago I had a strange pain that would bring my attention to it sporadically usually at night or right before a work out. It was never painful enough for me to do anything drastic about it. Mostly it would come and go with me pushing through the uncomfortable sensations and ignoring it as much as I could. At the same time as this mysterious pain arrived I began to have vivid dreams about poverty, filth,disgusting living si…