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Fast Pass

Fast pass Rollercoasters
There are many ways to do this thing called life. There is no right way or wrong way there is only the way we prefer. I prefer all of it. I love filling my days full of experience and enjoying as much as humanly possible. I feel like time is available to those how allow it. I value my time here on this planet and do my best to not take any of it for granted. That being said I also do not rush, I move smoothly with the knowing that the time is always right when I get there.

  My daughter and I were at Six Flags Magic Mountain with the intention of riding rollercoasters. They have some of the best ones in the country so we decided to take a road trip from Colorado to California for this purpose.  Entering the park and being in line with the thousands of other people who had the exact same idea was a little discouraging. My daughter was in a panic mode wanting to change lines in order to make it to the front more quickly. I reminded her several times to just b…


In San Diego, with my 18 year old daughter, she wanted to go to Sea World for her birthday. I am not a big fan of theme parks but wanted her to enjoy herself.
Earlier in the day we had been talking about what she wanted to do now that she had graduated High School. She was in an overwhelmed and uncertain mood not really having a clue of how to proceed in her life. We talked about intentions and dreaming and allowing her mind to be open to possibilities and how these are attractive forces that will draw the right experiences to her. We also talked about being negative and grumpy and how this too will draw similar experiences to her.
During the day in the theme park I was focusing on enjoying our stay for her sake but as the day continued I felt my self getting tired and grumpy loosing my attitude. She wanted to ride a water ride and told me to wait for her since I was completely opposed to getting wet. I of course wouldn’t have it, I couldn’t possibly let her ride alone, what kind of…


Life has opened to me and I to her My thoughts deliberate My joy on purpose My creations appear as I allow My dreams clear There is so much love in the world I can feel it with each beat of my heart The pulsing of blood in my veins I am alive