Fast Pass

Fast pass

There are many ways to do this thing called life. There is no right way or wrong way there is only the way we prefer. I prefer all of it. I love filling my days full of experience and enjoying as much as humanly possible. I feel like time is available to those how allow it. I value my time here on this planet and do my best to not take any of it for granted. That being said I also do not rush, I move smoothly with the knowing that the time is always right when I get there.

  My daughter and I were at Six Flags Magic Mountain with the intention of riding rollercoasters. They have some of the best ones in the country so we decided to take a road trip from Colorado to California for this purpose. 
Entering the park and being in line with the thousands of other people who had the exact same idea was a little discouraging. My daughter was in a panic mode wanting to change lines in order to make it to the front more quickly. I reminded her several times to just breathe soon enough we will be there and I had a plan.
 The plan was fast pass.
The way fast pass works is you pay almost 2x the amount of the actual ticket but you get a contraption that allows you to enter all the rides from the exit door and be on the rollercoaster with out waiting in line. Some of the lines were 2 hours long, most were 1 hour wait time.
We did have to wait in a line for the fast pass however once we had the contraption in our hands we were off with a mission. In 6 hours we were able to ride all of the major rollercoasters in the park and have a nice hour lunch break in the middle of it all.

What I gathered from this experience is there are many ways to do life and all of the different ways will teach us different things about our selves. Flying past all the people who were patiently waiting in the long, sweaty, tiresome lines almost felt like cheating. I could appreciate what they were going through for the 15 seconds of thrill at the end of the line but this was not me. It was so fun showing my daughter another way.

I feel this way about life. There are so many things we have been programed to just handle and accept, however if we keep an open mind there is almost always another way.


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