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universal consistency

There are some things that remain constant in this universe
One, the things we think about most often become our reality.
Two, we can only give what we already have i.e. We can only love someone to the depth and wholeness that we love ourselves.

mastering density

This body is the experience.  I have been looking all around for purpose and meaning and completely skirting the obvious answer. Its been right in front of my face all along, it is my face.  This body, these cells, these emotions, and desires.  Leaving would only mean I didn’t get the reason for my playing the game in the first place.  Being alive in human form is the reason for the existence of this beautiful planet we live on.  Being Flesh and bone and nerves and brains is the perfect playing field.  We get to master density.

A moment of clarity

I have loved you before and I will l love you after. There is no real separation only a forgetting. A forgetting that I am you and you are me, we are all the same. My time in this forgetful place is but a moment. An experience of what I am not and then a remembering of what I am. A prison of flesh and emotion will cloud my essence but I know I will remember and I will help others remember and we will all be back together and whole. All of us.
I feel what I have known for a longtime I AM This is so clear, Everything, good, bad, ugly, happy, holy, evil, wealthy, sick, all of humanity, all of nature, and universe, I am, All of it. I feel it coursing through my veins, my body knows, she knows. I want to run around screaming, I get it, I get it. Wake up everyone, we are all the same! Wake up this is just a game. This is not real.