A moment of clarity

I have loved you before and I will l love you after. There is no real separation only a forgetting. A forgetting that I am you and you are me, we are all the same. My time in this forgetful place is but a moment. An experience of what I am not and then a remembering of what I am. A prison of flesh and emotion will cloud my essence but I know I will remember and I will help others remember and we will all be back together and whole. All of us.

I feel what I have known for a longtime
This is so clear, Everything, good, bad, ugly, happy, holy, evil, wealthy, sick, all of humanity, all of nature, and universe, I am, All of it. I feel it coursing through my veins, my body knows, she knows.
I want to run around screaming, I get it, I get it. Wake up everyone, we are all the same! Wake up this is just a game. This is not real.

My heart is so full; this flesh is holding me back. I love this skin, I love this experience, I am left with a deep desire to just love. That’s it.


  1. You are so talented with words! I love the phrase: "I am left with a deep desire to just love." Awesome <3


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