Stop struggling~ relationships

Stop struggling~ my marriage

Thinking about my struggles to be a better person and realizing the more I struggle the more I have to struggle.
I’ve been watching my words. Watching the stories I tell about my life. One of those stories has been that my marriage has been a struggle. I have issues with being understood and accepted, I complain about how hard it is to get along and have fun together. I talk about how different we are and how our interests are completely opposite. 
I joke about marrying for contrast.
Paying attention to these little stories I talk about has been incredibly enlightening. I didn’t realize that all this time I’ve been creating a marriage of struggle.
I only just now realized that it doesn’t have to be a struggle. My marriage can be anything I choose. If I change the way I look at it and look for all the positive aspects that are already present, then I will be creating a more fulfilling beautiful relationship with the man I already love.
I choose to see Love. I choose to appreciate this man for being with me for 21 years and 4 children. I choose to see the adventurous soul he is and how much fun we create together. I choose to see his kind heart and generous nature. I choose to bring gratitude instead of complaints. It really is that easy.
I choose to stop struggling, put down the gloves, stop resisting and just adore this person for everything that He is.
I choose to be the person that I wish to experience in relationship.


  1. awesomeness my sweet sariah. surely makes a difference!!!!!! thanks for the reminder.

  2. Happy to share thanks for reading love u girl

  3. What a Beautiful messaage for all of us! Thanks for sharing such amazing insights and sharing your personal journey for all to enjoy and learn from. I love you!


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