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Stop struggling
There was a time in my life where the struggle for money was very real. It was in fact something that crossed my thoughts daily. My day would start out worrying about how much money we had and how in the world were we going to be able to pay our bills and buy groceries for our four little ones. There were many days where I would cry about the lack of money and the feelings of working so hard to find money. At that time I was teaching yoga and doing massage and trying to raise little kiddos. My husband would work everyday and still there was just barely enough to get by. I remember the feelings of being sad and depressed over this struggle. 
One day something shifted.
I took a drive to the ocean by my self crying and screaming at god and the universe complaining about my struggles, feeling very sorry for my self and my situation. As I lay on the empty beach at dusk something dawned on me. The way I was fighting every day to survive. My stories about my struggle, my words about my experience with the lack of money, the things I was choosing to focus on felt horrible. I started to notice my obsession with lack. In that moment it became vary apparent that my words were in fact creating my very real experience of struggle.
I laid there in the sand listening to the ocean crashing, I felt the breeze I heard the birds I calmed down and I let go. I made a commitment in that moment to never again struggle with money, from that moment forward I would always have more than enough. My new mantra was exactly that. “We have more than enough for everything we desire, everything no exceptions”.
Miraculously, my husbands business started to grow and each year doubled in size. Our direct experience was more than enough. My direct experience was abundance.

Letting go of the struggle freed me up to love my babies to get creative with my time and energy to appreciate all that I did have and all that I desired to create.  


  1. I love you Sariah! You are Awesome! Beautiful writing--You have such a Treasure in your heart.

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