Paris 1964

I died in 1964, Paris.
She died when I was 5 (1978)
She was talking to me in my dreams last night. She is my sweet angel. I feel her presence and continual caring, her joy and excitement for my life this time around. She watches and reminds me that above all to always choose LOVE.

Let me explain; I woke this morning with a knowing of my death, I was under La tour Eiffell, not sure how old I was but knowing the year was 1964 Paris. I felt a presence, a gentle loving soul that was speaking sweetly to me. She was my love in that life and is my angel in this one. We shared a life together and she was left alone at my passing. She died 14 years later.
I, (this time around) was born in 1973 so this means my angel and I were human at the same time. I was 5years old when she finally left the planet.
 Last night in my dream I was told something, about my purpose. I was obsessed with women and I needed to experience what it is to be completely woman.  To experience being a daughter, mother, wife.  I needed to learn what it is to love and appreciate my own body. Experiencing the manipulation and use of my female form. The feelings of insecurity that are so present in the soft skin I’m in. I needed to know love in the gentle, full way that only a mother can feel. And experience the loneliness of being a married woman.
I am reminded, and have been throughout that I am here to choose love.

So could this truly be a theme for a life. Not success or wealth or things but love? I will sit with this one. Maybe ill tattoo it on my body to remember. My only true purpose is to choose love.    


  1. Wow. I love this dream and how you brought it out into your present life. How amazing. Thanks for sharing. Is this why you have a fascination with France? Hmmm.


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