yoga teacher training

  • There are no original thoughts everything we think and have ever thought is a recycled flow of all the humans that have lived and will ever live. We simply keep retelling the same thoughts in our own way as to understand and remember the universal truths. When something resonates with you it is true for you. Universal truths have a way of cycling around and around again until we get it.  

  • First and fore most You are the expert of your own body. By teaching your self to be still and quiet you can develop a system of observing the body and all of its intelligence. Your body knows. It is you that gets in the way. It is my intention that through this course you will develop a simple way of connecting to all that “is” in your body and allow your expertise to shine through.

  • What you say is real and true. We all create our own realities through the thoughts we think and the words we say. What you say is true for you. By knowing this you will learn to monitor your thoughts and words realizing that they are creating your very experience. You will begin to cultivate a generous acceptance for those around you realizing that what they say is TRUE for them. We are all right in our own world. Judging others is a waste of precious energy.

  • Breath is the doorway to your consciousness. Learning to focus on your breath not only allows for your nervous system to be soothed it massages your internal organs and calms your mind allowing for your true nature to shin forth. Your true nature is one of unlimited potential and connection. You are ultimately made of the same stuff as every thing on this planet. Your ability to connect with the Higher part of your self will inspire others to do the same.

  • Our ultimate purpose on this planet is to enjoy our time and continually expand beyond our limits, this equals freedom.

Freedom in our restraints of thinking.
Freedom in the restraints of our programing.
Freedom in our restraints of our body.
Freedom in our capacity to love.
Freedom to be accepting.
Freedom to be giving, kind, wholehearted, creative, expressive.

  • By meeting our edges of our limiting beliefs we are giving ourselves a new and fun challenge of expanding. Yoga is a fantastic way to meet your edges. First meeting the edge physically then realizing the emotional body is attached to the physical experience. We get a glimpse of where our emotions are holding us back.

  • Staying open and letting go. As we practice finding our edges and softening into them we then begin to allow them to be let go of. This process is a simple one but not necessarily easy. You must vow to keep your heart open no matter what and feel the emotion completely and then let the heart process and filter and let go. This goes the same for amazing feelings allowing these feelings to flow through you without grasping.

  • The Master prefers what is occurring. Realizing that he/she is ultimately the creator

  • The art of allowing is a beautiful place to begin your yoga practice. Allowing what is present to show up and allowing yourself to move beyond it expanding what “is.” This feeling is one of contentment and joy.

  • You cannot do it wrong, if your intentions are to be present and focused in the moment. The people who show up for your classes will be the right people and you will be the right teacher if you allow it.

  • Finding your own voice and expressing your intention is key. You already know. You are already are the master if you allow it.

  • Your desire alone is the thread that is pulling you forward into knowing, into giving of yourself with out attachment to outcome.
Welcome to your practice~ Namaste 


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