Magic on Maui

A magical morning

On a recent vacation to the island of Maui My daughters and I were getting ready for bed. I wanted to set up the coffee so that I could just push a button in the morning with out disturbing my girls, since they were sleeping on the pullout couch in the tiny space.
I had been waking up early, sitting on the deck, sipping my coffee and writing each morning.
This morning was magical at 5am on the dot, the coffee pot started to brew. I was amazed because I did not set the clock or program it to brew at 5.  I immediately jumped out of bed to see who was making me coffee. The kitchen was dark but I could see the light on the coffee pot blinking 12:00, my daughters were sound asleep.  The very next though was puzzling but intriguing, I thought Wayne Dyer.
For those of you who know me you also know I am a big fan of this recently deceased Author. His books have been so inspiring to me over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his personal assistant and co-author of his final book through a mutual friend and absolutely adore her.
I haven’t given much thought to Wayne Dyer since his passing but some how this morning on Maui my thoughts were flooded with his name. I decided to look up my friend since I knew she lived somewhere on Maui. I wanted to share this coffee moment with her. I also knew she was his neighbor and I thought it would be fun seeing what part of the island they lived on. It turns out that Wayne lived only 2 miles south of where we were staying, incredible. My friend Dee agreed to meeting and I shared my story with her feeling like some how the thought of Wayne brought the two of us together. She reminded me that there is always magic happening but it’s only apparent to those who pay attention. 

To Dee thank you for being there, its amazing how friendship happens. To Katie thank you for introducing us. To Wayne thank you for my coffee magic.


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