Breathe dear one

I found this piece scribbled in my journal, I wrote it the middle of the night after I had been struggling with life issues and asked for help and guidance.  The hand writing was surprisingly clear and different from my own.

~ Breathe dear one
know you are divine
breathe dear sweet tender soul
and feel the universe in your cells
breathe and let the corners of your lips turn up
for life is to be lived, cherished, experienced
there is nothing you could do to loose favor with source
so be now in this moment
now in your skin
now in your experience
now in your heart
breathe and know you are apart of all creation, all of life
and when this ends there will be more
 worry not of things to come
but create beauty every step of the way
be joy 
be love 
be light
in time we all will turn in our fleshy bodies in this life we all will die
what is will not always be and being while you’re a being is what you need to focus on.

Being while I am a being
Play while I can play
Create while I can create


  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful necessary and true!

  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful necessary and true!


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