back to the nothing

Whats in the middle of the onion when you peel it? Nothing!
Whats in the middle of each of us when you get deep enough? Nothing! This Nothing is the empty void we all emerge from, it is what we all go back to and it is inevitable.
However we are in the time of the onion peeling so peel away.

Each layer of this delicate skin represents a question or issue we enjoy playing with, my layer was about worth and value and the measure of success.

I asked around for others to answer taking a pole of opinion, this is what I got.

What makes a person valuable?
The answers are all over the board. Mostly what people agreed on was that value can only come from the person. Each individual must determine his or her own value. The way to knowing this is through self worth the way to self worth is through loving the self. The way to love the self is through acceptance and looking inward for appreciation and acknowledgement.

What is the measure of success? There were many answers and most were the same thing, Loving the life you live.

What I got from asking is that we all have a need to be connected appreciated, adored, acknowledged.  And even though these things come from inside of us we use each other as mirrors. The people we interact with will reflect exactly what we see in ourselves. When we look outside and see beauty that’s because a part of us is recognizing our own beauty. When we see anger betrayal its because there is a very real part of ourselves that is angry and betraying our own nature. The process is magnificent when we tap into what is really going on. Every interaction in our experience is to bring us back to our selves. Back to the nothing.  


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