Coffee and Burlesque

At one point in my life, (during a landmark education course) I stood up and said out loud, “I want to stop drinking coffee because I know it was so bad for me and I’m totally addicted” I felt shame for my statement probably because I was raised Mormon and coffee is against the rules.  My coach was sipping his coffee while I spoke and almost spit it at the audience. There were maybe 150 people in the crowd.
He basically laughed at my statement then said Its not my addiction to caffeine that I need to change its my passion. I need to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I am looking to be lit on fire with desire and excitement. I am craving vitality and drive. My excuses are what are weighing me down and making my mind feel lethargic. My reasons for not living an inspired life are keeping me in bed and Coffee has nothing to do with it.
He challenged me to get really big. To live a life that others can see for miles away because it’s so bright. He challenged me to take on projects that scare the hell out of me and then watch how my mornings go.
His words were harsh and so appreciated.

This morning 
I woke at 6am wide eyed and excited to get moving on my day. No need for coffee, (I drank it anyway, I love coffee with whole cream) but my eyes popped open and I almost couldn’t contain my self. I felt like jumping out of bed and working on my projects. 
Seeing dance moves in my dreams and imaging different costumes and lighting. I am feeling this thing come to life. I can see how all the different personalities and talents are meshing so well. Our show is going to be amazing. I imagine being on stage and my heart starts racing it feels a little like being scared but I think its actually excitement.
Isn’t that the definition of courage, to be afraid of something and do it anyway.

Here’s to your day, find one thing that challenges you, pushes you beyond your limits and beliefs and DO IT. I want to hear all about it!


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