Magic ingredient

The magic ingredient
There is so much going on at any one moment.
We are all so conditioned to stay busy, productive, useful.
Rushing from place to place, event to event, moment to moment. It all seems crazy and pointless until there is that one thing that happens that takes our breath away. That one happening, for some reason feels bigger than all the rest. The one glimpse into our true selves and that feeling of wholeness and connection. It could be anything, it could happen at any moment it could be as simple as a kiss or a beautiful landscape. What is it that makes that one moment so different from the billions of other moments? You. The real you the one that is divine and always connected the one that is all powerful and brilliant. The moment you step into the picture at the same time as the present moment the two intertwine and magic happens. You are the missing ingredient. Its possible to be completely in the present moment enjoying what it is offering. It is possible to create this more often. It is possible to feel joyful frequently. Simply adding the missing ingredient to the equation. 
This is your world. 
You choose how to enjoy it. 
Stay present and life will feel like a gift.


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