Having a little tiff, an experience of discomfort and friction. Immediately I check in and try to think of this event as a catalyst to my own personal growth. I play a game with my self and imagine my heart staying open no matter what. I see the event as a thing and place that thing in my open chest letting my heart process the thing as I sit quietly and allow the remnants flow through my cells and evaporate off my skin.

Some times I get stuck, I repeat the scenario over and over until I can catch my obsessive monkey mind and change my thoughts.

Some times I have to play the “what if” game. I imagine all the millions of other possible scenarios that could have been me. This world is truly a magnificent mystery. With so many thrilling stories and happenings. I could have been born on another continent, or another gender, I could have been disabled, deaf, blind. My birth parents could of abandoned me or beat me. I could have been indoctrinated into a satanic cult that sacrificed animals. I could have been a slave.
All of the millions of “what ifs” on this miniscule blue planet, in an unfathomable universe that is swirling and forever expanding. Creating more and more possible scenarios, tiny pinpoints of concentrated consciousness, that call itself human.
It calls itself Sariah and it gets offended when another little focal point of consciousness says something it deems rude.

When I take a view from the perspective of watching the happening witnessing it all seems so silly. So I laugh, love and move on…


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