lithium inspiration

Lithium inspiration……

You say you need consistency

How about the sunrise
A continual grantee
Unless of course you’r called to go (some how I think you’ll still see it)
You Need stability
Put your hands in the soil
Let it filter through your finger feel the wholeness of what this earth offers.
You want unwavering strength
Then let the wind blow through you
Do not fight its mighty force
But instead sway ever so slightly
Like the ancient redwood with her roots planted so firmly

You say you really want to live

Well dismiss fear from your vocabulary
Allow the confusion of the unknown guide you here
Draw power from those around you seek wisdom from those who have gone

Give yourself fully to life Now!

I wrote this one when I was blinded by the sun rise and had to pull over. I have been told that sunrise and sunset are the only times when we absorb lithium from the sun. Through our eyes.


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