My laptop is almost full am currently backing it up and will be removing most of my older pictures to create space. I wanted to share some stories with you before they are forever lost on my external drive.

Let me introduce you to my reason for loving dogs. I have to say before I met dozer i actually claimed to hate animals. Any one who knows me now would call bullshit on that statement. However there was a time not too long ago that  I believed I didn't like dogs at all. Then my world turned upside down. I met Dozeer, he was one of 8 mutt puppies that were almost aborted when we took his mother in to get fixed. The vet informed us that she had a belly full of puppies and was due in 2 weeks. Of course we kept the puppies. When Dozer was born he was different from all the other puppies he purred. I instantly fell in love! This brendled purring pup melted my heart. I am forever grateful for the ability to love four legged creatures. They bring so much joy!


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