Letting go and being

Letter to a friend - funny how we teach what we need to learn!

in order to move into a created future you have to solve the past. we all have to come to terms with it. Even if there is a feeling of " oh what ever its the past" we all need to create a way of letting things go. Writing letters to the significant people in our past is a way of doing that. its a way of acknowledging who you were and the people involved then letting those things go and moving forward into a place you create from your deepest desire. i know it sounds hokey but when you start to notice the thoughts and filters that were placed there by others then you can change them. you can choose what to accept and believe. 
this takes us into a new realm of belief. Belief is the strongest power we have. What you believe about yourself will create you. What you believe about the world will create your world. The mind is always looking for evidence of your beliefs. Heres the cool part you can choose your beliefs! 
by believing your beautiful and lovely and smart and strong and lean and happy etc your body will start to obey your beliefs. 
Ive been doing this for years and am in a place where i wake up and love every inch of my skin, i look in the mirror and appreciate the person looking back. there is a genuine love and approval of myself in that moment. 
When we get to this place then we are available to create fantastic things in our life. I wanted to share this with you because i feel like you are such an amazing person and your getting to a place where you love all of you you will be able to share this with others. 
i appreciate you for trying my experiment
As you let go, your body will too let go. you will be able to bring your self to your desired athletic state. i know you will see improvements in strength and composition and speed! 
thanks again! see you soon! xox


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