For the sake of it

For the sake of it
I am writing to you this beautiful southern Colorado spring morning, there is no reason, there is just  you and I and these words.
 Doing for the sake of doing. Writing for the sake of writing, loving for the sake of loving. Giving up “in order to.”
Yesterday I spent most of the day cutting down fences and listening to my breath. I quietly felt as thought every stretch of barbed wire that I rolled up was in a way freeing the land. As my mind would wander some how I kept cutting and rolling this rusty spiky wire. I realized that my body doesn’t need me. My mind can be a million miles away and my body will continue on the task at hand. I also realized that when I was able to reel in my thoughts and quiet them down, that I was able to also experience the sensations of doing, breathing, moving, the ground beneath me, the birds chirping, the sun shining, and the mountains being mountains.
There is something truly spectacular about just being, the moment can be anything but being in the moment is where the magic is.
It seems like we are all trained to do in order to get to a result. Do work in order to get paid. Work out in order to have a nice body.
Eat healthy in order to be healthy. Be kind in order to make people like you. Stay busy in order to fill every waking moment with the feeling of accomplishment, in order to feel good about yourself and not feel like your doing nothing.
What would happen if we just gave up “in order to”?
How would our day unfold if there was no real reason to do anything and yet the things we did were simply for the sake of doing them?
In my yoga classes I instruct my students to move with their bodies with their breath and do what feels good from the inside out. What if this is how we can truly live every moment of our lives.
Listening to our breath breathing us. Move with the bodies that are moving us. Doing what it is that is doing us.
I think this is the present folks!
The true present moment, exactly as it is and exactly as it isn’t.

The gift. Being for the sake of it.


  1. Beautiful thoughts, Sariah. Yes! We could all learn at least a thing or two about ourselves, our lives, our daily "living" and "being" for the sake of "being". I love the way you write.


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