Ducks in water

Duck in water
We have these fuzzy little ducks. We bought a pair from the local tractor supply store as an experiment of our ability to raise a couple birds for our pond. They have been living in our garage in a pen of hay under a heat lamp. Each day they grow a little and develop new feathers. After a month of being land animals, and waddling around on their weird little feet, I decided it was time to let them swim.
At first I was a little worried since there wasn’t a mother duck to teach them to swim. What if they didn’t know what to do. What if they didn’t know they were ducks and instead thought they were dogs since the only animals they have been around were my 5 dogs. What if they drown? We carefully placed them in my huge soaker tub and whaalaa. They swam brilliantly. They floated,they dove, they chased each other around the tub squawking in delight. They were made to swim, their weird little feet that could only waddle on land were perfectly graceful in water.  Watching these beautiful creatures do what they were made to do was a purely joyful experience.

We were all made brilliantly; there are no mistakes in this world. We were each given something we shine at, something that comes easily, something we enjoy doing. The key is to embrace that something instead of making it wrong. Could you imagine if my ducks thought they were messed up dogs and never touched the water.  Could you imagine if they judged themselves for having weird feet and felt insecure about swimming.


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