speeding face plant

I was imagining my body hurling through the space, twirling and diving towards the earth as the air whipped my skin. I could see the airplane and my sky board, I imagined myself rehearsing the double back layout before I pull the cord of the parachute packed tightly on my back.

Would you know it, at that exact moment I hit the handlebar of my bicycle on a railing, which sent my body hurling through the air.

Time stopped as I realized that I was daydreaming about skydiving while in reality riding my bicycle. Not only riding but speeding quickly through a winding sidewalk pass with steep edges and a railing to keep bicyclists like me on the pavement.

There was enough time for my mind to register the mistake and the thoughts accompanying the fall. The first thought was “oh shit I just hit the railing.” The next thought was, “ what was I thinking?” Then my mind said, “my body is flying through the air!” “ Wait, wasn’t I just thinking about flying through the air?” “ My face is going to hit the ground,” “where are my arms?” “Oh shit I just busted my leg,”

then …………… nothing……….

I opened my eyes and all the chatter stopped I felt the dirt under my skin; the ache of metal digging into my thigh, the sting of freshly scrapped knees and wrists. I felt the thud and then ringing on the right side of my face. I lay there for exactly one second and jumped to my feet looking around to make sure I was alone. I would be so completely embarrassed had any one witnessed. Luckily not a soul could be found.

In shock I wasn’t sure if I should cry or call for help. I felt a deep welling in my belly, it bubbled out to a roaring uncontrollable laugh. I realized I created this.

The moral of the story…

I’m sure you can guess this one, don’t think about flying through the air while riding a speeding bicycle around treacherous corners.


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