Iam you

I am you,

we are the same

I am your sister

your friend

your mother

your daughter

your spouse

your lover

I am the person who greets you at the drive through

I am the sweet face of death

I am the one you see when your heart is breaking

It is my eyes you look through when you see love

Im the depth of the ocean and the abyss of regret

I am loss and triumph

I am your heart and your logic

I am your boss and your servant

I feel your pain I know your pleasure

I breath when you do exhale ,you see there is not a human emotion or desire we together do not know. You are the one I am seeking. Im your heaven, it is in each others arms that we can fly for only in the other will we ever know ourselves. We are the same I am you…. You are me….

Open your heart and know there is nothing that is separate. I feel your heart beat I feel you dreaming. I know your tears I taste their salty drops. I love you with every part of my being we are the same… during your moments of daily goings know I know you and you are not alone.


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