Morning thoughts

There are so many things I want to say. I find my-self rehearsing these words over and over in my head, and when I sit to type they seem so drift off in every direction. Like butterflies on fire.

First of all life is a gift. This is it... we don’t get another chance in this body with these friends with this family and personality. This is all we get! Even when it feels alien and wrong it is the right life because we are living it. One of my Friends is considering suicide and I just want to smack him for even saying it. The crazy part is I’ve considered it many times. It seems like an easy way out but then I think of my beautiful children and the thought dissolves. I often tell my kids they are the reason I am alive. I would of ended it years ago.

This life is not easy, all of the many emotions and issues we are plagued with from such an early point make even the smallest of trials seem so out of control.

I think this is why we are here, to experience this chaos. Our true nature knows only love and has not a clue about the opposing force. We chose this existence to play on the field of turmoil, destruction, anger, fear, hatred, grief.

This is only a game to our soul.

I try to explain this to my beautiful babies that this life is so temporary and to live it as if it is only a game. The light- hearted are just that, their hearts are so light that they glow with an amazing luminescence. They shine for miles and miles like a beacon on a lighthouse in tumultuous seas.

I’ve learned that what we experience is what we say we experience and we are who we think we are. We have more power over our experience then we could ever imagine. Our thoughts are what create our reality. They determine how we experience this existence. Being born to certain parents on a particular part of the planet is all apart of something we set up before we became human. It’s the co-creation aspect. There is no fighting our genealogy. Simply understanding that We (our divine aspect) set up our playing field to get the most out of our human experience, we can take responsibility on a deep level and realize this is it. Now what? What do we wish to create? Anything is possible!

Anything is possible when we take full responsibility for our lives. No more judging and assessing no more criticizing what others choose, no more making others wrong. There is only what we choose, how we choose to be with what has presented itself to us. Flat tire, choose it and be in a place of power around the events in your life. Children screaming, I choose screaming children. Angry Husband I choose a husband that is angry. Bankruptcy, choose it. Lost job, choose lost job and see where that puts you on the playing field. Being wrongfully accused, choose this too and be in a place of power understanding that this is all apart of the same big fat universal game we all play in our limited time on this planet. This is it.

I see now how all the craziness is so, so, so beautiful, In a chaotic and exciting way. With out this turmoil we would be incredibly board, so just love it!



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