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Its been a little while since I’ve had the feeling to write. Something has been changing in me and I simply have had the desire to just be. And now today on this Tuesday in the beginning of our summer here in gorgeous Colorado I am feeling the inspiration to share some things with you.

Listening to the teachings of Abraham/ Ester Hicks they encourage us to start right where we are. Then search for a better feeling thought. 

Right where we all are, being faced with corruption, sadness death destruction, hatred, heartbreak. 
I feel such a deep welling of compassion for all of those hurting. I too feel the sadness and wish to make it different. I know by focusing on the good and positive that is present right now I can offer a soothing vibration to myself and those around me. It is too easy to get caught up in all the chaos and fear and hatred, its seductive and natural.  I wish to be above those sensations, selfishly I want to feel good. I want to feel good about humanity about the world about creation. I want to feel peaceful and inspired. I want to share this love with others knowing this is the only way any of us can change anything about our reality.

How do we go about doing this?

We must be willing to let go. Let go of the anger, let go of the hatred, let go of the fear, let go of the pain, let go of the fear binding our hearts and thoughts.  Letting go does not mean we accept it or forget those who have been harmed but it does mean we cultivate peace in our own hearts. 
Being the change we are seeking in the world first. Every interaction, every encounter, must come from a place of peace in our own selves.
What you might notice is that with a peaceful attitude joy mysteriously creeps in. Joy is the creative force wanting to play. 
Playing with all your heart makes this thing we call life wonderful.

My wish for you reading this is to find this wonder, this joy, this peace and pass it on. Share it with everyone you see, everyone you come into contact with. 
Share love now.


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