Something fun
I’m writing a book on Fun. 
I’ve been doing research on what it is to have a fun life to be joyful and inspiring.
This a personal journey from being a shy insecure wall flower as a young person, to embracing all of life and laughing along the way. 
I have challenged my self to do something everyday that is purely for the sake of fun and then to share this journey with as many people as I can. What I have found is sharing is the most fun. Laughing with others, trying new and challenging things. Being open to the possibilities that present themselves everyday. 
Saying yes when I feel shitty is a certain way to shift my mood. 
Playfulness is an attitude we can all cultivate. Life is so serious and challenging as it is. Adding the element of play is a delightful way to enjoy our days, how ever many we have.

I challenge you to play today! 
Do something that makes you giggle from the inside then share it!!! 
I want to see!  


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