Practice practice practice
Only those who risk going too far can truly find out how far they can go.
Pushing to the edges of your limitations, having the courage to look at your self exactly as you are, and learning to accept all of it. Loving completely. 
This gives a gentile way about you and an acceptance of others. In turn allows the others to be ok with who they are, exactly where they are.

Allowing is key, what comes up is what comes up, but not fighting against it. Let “it” flow through you. Allowing the experience to permeate your soul keeping an open heart. 

Breathe, Always breathing the breath is the cord that keeps you connected to your higher self to the entire universe, it is the doorway to all that is and all that ever was. Your mother had to breathe you into this physical realm. You must connect with your breath to move through your experiences with ease.

Open heart.  Intending, allowing your heart to remain open at all times no matter how severe the situation. The heart is the filter for the experience. If the heart is closed the experience will become trapped, stored in the cells. These trapped emotions will cause Dis-ease in the body. Keeping the heart open allows these experiences to flow through your field.

Intention. This is the magnetic force that attracts like unto you, what it is your mind intends will become your experience.
 Your thoughts are the fishing line your intention is the hook you are the fisherman who has cast your bait into the water and are now reeling it closer and closer. Keeping your mind in a place of positive good intention will allow you to hook those positive good experiences and pull them toward you.

Know that all things happen at exactly the right time for the right purpose with the right people, all involved are divinely attracted there are no accidents. You will be guided and others will be guided to you. Know deeply that there is a purpose for you being here and know that it is joy.


Have fun, nothing is too serious to be playful, light hearted,open, free. We are all here to experience freedom in every moment. Your mind is free to choose what it focuses on, how it views the world. You are here to continually choose and choose again.


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