William a sweet man I used to visit in elderly care facility in Denver Colorado 16 years ago. 
He was an intelligent whitty pistol. 
He was playing chess when I met him. We walked back to his room for a visit while his chess mates where heckling him. He liked the attention. We visited for only a short time I don’t even remember what we talked about only that I held his hand as he talked and in my mind I would imagine love flowing from my heart to his. I loved doing this, it would make the visits so pleasant. 
I visited only three times and that was it, he was gone. 
The night William died I dreamt about him.
 I was walking into his room delivering daisies, his favorite flower. He got out of his bed and thanked me for coming then walked to the door and said it was time to go. We smiled at eachother and that was it.
I woke from the dream to see it was 3:12am
The next day I went to visit with daisies and I was informed that William had died in the night some time after 3am.

His son was in  the same facility with parkinsons disease. He died two weeks later. My thoughts were he wanted to be with dad. They were just waiting for each other.


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