Talking to myself

Talking to my self, 
At night I lay in my bed caress my skin and whisper sweet nothings to my self. I say things like I love you so much Sariah. Thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for sharing your body with me, for being open and willing to understand this universe. Thank you for your perspective. I adore you. I truly cherish my time with you. Every part of you is precious and I am so grateful to be having this experience of loving you completely. Every ounce of who I am is in love with every ounce of you. I love your mind, your body, down to every tiny working cell and most of all I love your heart. I love witnessing the expansion of you. You are my favorite person on this planet. My wish is your command. Anything, you can conjurer up I will gladly give to you. You are my world.


  1. Such Beautiful words, Sariah! I wish we as mothers could talk like this to our children as they are growing up. Wouldn't this be a better world. Thank you for being the person you are--so amazing, so marvelous, so creative, so full of wonder for this life experience. I love watchig you grow and learn so many things. You are so loving and caring. I dearly love you, Sariah. It was such a sweet time visiting you this spring. Thanks for all that you do for me.


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