Resistance is Futile...

I chose my own limiting beliefs;
I chose the path that I’m walking on,
I chose my hardships and roadblocks,
I chose the things that would challenge my self the absolute most because
I knew I could overcome them,
I knew that all of this is a temporary magnificent experience and
I would figure it out in the short time I had here.
I chose things that would keep me obsessed and trapped, limited, hopeless.
I put up my shields and challenged myself to a duel.

What happens when I see through this façade?
What happens when I put the shields down and realize my own power? What happens when I feel the reality of who/what I really am?

Letting go of the sabotage.
Letting go of the need to feel hurt.
Letting go of the need to be right.
Letting go of fury, rage, anger, and hatred.  
Letting go of judgment and criticism of my self and others.
Letting go of my resistance to love.

What’s left?



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