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Soul mate

I’m on a deserted island hungry and thirsty and dying. I know my days are limited and I’m so full of anger. The man who left me was the captain of our ship at that time and I’m not sure what I did to deserve to be exiled but that is not important, the fact was I was left to die and am now ending that life with so much hatred and anger in my heart. I curse God and ask to die, wishing to end my pain and anguish. I recognize the captain he is my husband in this life.

The next life is one of an American Indian. I am chief of a beautiful tribe my whole life is about caring and justice my wife who I adored completely is my now husband in this life and he/she has anger towards me. She is filled with jealousy because of my power in the tribe. She secretly hates me. Our tribe is massacred while I’m watching and my beautiful family perishes. I cannot save them.

We come together again this time he is my husband and I have a deep seeded resentment towards him. I cannot put my finger on the feeling but know that he is in power and I struggle for my own.
How is this possible? Where does all this anger and resentment come from? Is it possible that I have married my soul mate? This dear sweet soul who has offered to reincarnate with me so that I may learn once and for all that love is the only solution?
In this life we have struggled to find peace and balance, love and trust. For some reason we continue to stay together. Something stronger than our personalities had bonded our hearts. Could it be that the need to finally solve our issues is stronger than giving up?
20 years ago when I met my husband there was something so special about him, I knew the day we met we would marry. He knew it to and asked me to marry him only a few hours after we actually met. Could it be that we are truly soul mates.
I believe now that our true soul mates are the ones who push us, challenge our beliefs, and frustrate us into growing into the enlightened beings we came here to be. 
Doing a workshop with Brian Weiss on past life regression has inspired me to look deeper into my relationships now. I can see that love is strong but hatred binds us. It shackles us to the other in a bond that our soul needs to solve. We are here to grow and learn, to shed light on all the dark corners of our limited self and choose to forgive and turn to love. The work will continue as long as we hold on to resentments and anger and fear.  The only way to find freedom is to let go of the hatred. The only path to personal peace is through forgiveness.
I do have a great love and appreciation for the man who has chosen to stick by my side and have a newfound respect for the generous person he is. I thank god for these insights into the wacky world of being human and am excited to dive deeper into this reality with only love. The possibilities are endless. I realize that the need to understand where these stories came from is not important but the feeling they left me with is. I am the creator of my reality a I see now that the person right in front of me is the right person for the job. my job now is to share love completely and learn all that I can from our limited time on this planet.


  1. Thanks for sharing. You just glimpsed the meaning of the unbearable lightness of being!

  2. Thank you so so much, I do know now I am the creator of my own reality. I needed to be reassured that love is stronger and hatred binds me!

    1. thank you for reading and yes its all ultimately about learning to turn towards Love


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