Top Five

Top five
I woke in the middle of the night frantically needing to write down information. I had a realization that we all can have what we want in life if we first decide what it is.
In my case I have been wandering around looking for “answers” and bingo my life has been about exactly that “looking, searching, discovering” this sounds great and all but at times I have felt like a hamster on an exercise wheel finding all the same things over and over. Not really going anywhere. It dawned on me that I’ve been putting my attention and energy on the wrong things.
I have not wanted to write down what I want in life or what I like or what I want to do simply because I don’t want to be trapped in any one scenario. Lack of commitment? Maybe, or just plain misunderstanding. What I didn’t realize that even though I thought I was outsmarting life and leaving my options open I was actually sealing my fate and creating life experiences called “confusion” “detachment” “no power”
When I woke in the middle of the night the thought was I don’t have to be locked in to one thing I can have a top five. I then started scribbling under the light of my phone. Here’s what I came up with.

I am so grateful for:
    Body~ 1.   Having a beautiful dancers body, lean, long and strong. Ready for anything. Modeling, dance, competition.
 Business~ 2.  Having several successful businesses, making me plenty of money. I am paid very well and have more than enough for all the luxuries of life.
 Relationships~ 3.  Having Fun, Freedom, Family, Friends, so much love and laughter. Freedom to enjoy the people most important to me. To love openly and share.
 Mind~ 4.   Being Multi talented, multi-lingual, well educated, I love learning and am happy to learn something new each day I love challenging my mind and pushing my limits
 Soul~ 5.  Experiencing Peace of mind, I owe no one, I help out when I choose to; I am a blessing to those around me by being generous with my time and money. I am an inspiration of a wholehearted way of living, finding joy in being of service.

The trick to having these statements become an actual way of living for me is to be aware when my mind is in a habitual way of thinking. The Old thoughts and patterns are simply a program that has been running with out my awareness. So awareness is key. When I catch myself in a thought that is not moving me in the direction of the thing I wish to experience I simply say “Cancel” and read my affirmations over aligning my thoughts to what it is I choose to create.

I see all this life as one big experiment playing around with all the possibilities has brought me many joyful moments. Remembering to allow for the new thoughts to take ahold of my mind and steer me in the direction I wish to go. Finally finding humor and lightheartedness, not taking myself so seriously. Everything is a process and being kind to myself, and staying out of judgment brings a sweet playful attitude. I realize all things are possible by being aware.


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