Tired glasses

 New Filter
Today I saw a picture of myself  that helped me to notice a filter that I’ve been living by. The picture is of my 14-year-old self looking exhausted. Looking at this young girl reminded me that I have felt tired for most of my life. I have had nights where I wake from a deep sleep and notice my self-saying “I’m so tired” How could this be if I’m sleeping?  I literally get more sleep than any grown person I know. What dawned on me is that the story I keep telling my self of being so tired is a mental habit. It’s a filter that I’ve been looking through for many, many years. Its as though I’ve been wearing a pair of glasses that have a tired tint on them and all I can perceive is TIRED. Today I took the glasses off and whala~ I’m not tired. I feel awake, alive excited and full of energy.

Noticing this filter that has been my companion for most of my life is only the first step. Now it is my choice to live from the habit of being tired or my new view, being energized.  


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